Research Interests

My research examines the behavioral, electoral, and institutional implications of race and ethnicity. It is tied together by the intrinsic interest in determining when and how race and ethnicity plays a role in American politics. It extends the existing research by broadening the focus to include multiple racial and ethnic groups. Further, it bridges the gap between the minority politics literature and general political science literature by incorporating theoretical and methodological approaches from both areas of research.

Journal Articles

“Close Enough for Comfort? A Spatial Analysis of Voting on Indian Gaming Initiatives in California.” Forthcoming. (With Fred Boehmke, Gavin Dillingham and Rick Witmer). Journal of Politics Article.

“Race, Ethnicity and U.S. House Incumbent Evaluations.” 2012. (With Erin Cassesse and Bradford Jones). Legislative Studies Quarterly 37: 465-489. Article.

“All Along the Watchtower: Acculturation Fear, Anti-Latino Affect, and Immigration” 2011. (With Bradford Jones, Erin Cassese, and Chad Westerland). Journal of Politics 73: 664-679. Article.

“Agenda Setting, Public Opinion, and the Issue of Immigration Reform.” 2010. (With Johanna Dunaway and Marisa Abrajano). Social Science Quarterly 91: 359-278. Article.

“The Importance of Race and Ethnicity in Congressional Primary Elections.” 2009. Political Research Quarterly 62: 459-473.  Article.

“Slanted Newspaper Coverage of Immigration: the Importance of Economics and Geography.” 2009. (With Johanna Dunaway). Policy Studies Journal 37: 257-273.  Article.

“Spatial Proximity to the US-Mexico Border and Newspaper Coverage of Immigration Issues.” 2009. (With Johanna Dunaway). Political Research Quarterly 62: 289-302.  Article.

“English and Spanish-Language Media Coverage of Immigration: A Comparative Analysis.” 2008. (With Johanna Dunaway). Social Science Quarterly 89: 1006-1022.  Article.

“Anglo Voting on Nativist Ballot Initiatives: The Partisan Impact of Spatial Proximity to the U.S. Mexico Border.” 2007. (With Gavin Dillingham, Johanna Dunaway, and Elizabeth Miller). Social Science Quarterly 88: 868-881.  Article.

“Latino Attitudes Toward Various Areas of Public Policy: The Importance of Acculturation.” 2007. Political Research Quarterly 60: 293-303. Article.

“Beyond Logit and Probit: Cox Duration Models of Single, Repeating, and Competing Events for State Policy Adoption.” 2005. (With Bradford Jones). State Politics and Policy Quarterly 5: 420-443.  Article.

“Reexamining Racial Attitudes: The Conditional Relationship Between Diversity and Socio-Economic Environment.” 2005. (With Bradford Jones). American Journal of Political Science 49: 359-372.  Article.

“Voting in Initiative Elections: Does Racial and Ethnic Diversity Matter?” 2004. State Politics and Policy Quarterly 4: 294-317.  Article.

“Examining Individual-Level Voting Behavior on State Ballot Propositions.” 2003. Political Research Quarterly 56: 367-377.  Article.

Working Papers

“The Trump Effect: How 2016 Campaign Rallies Explain Spikes in Hate” (With Ayal Feinberg and Valerie Martinez-Ebers. Manuscript

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